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Copper cookware for the highest


Professional chefs trust Olav

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"For me, Olav actually has the best pans." - Haya Molcho

Professional chefs trust Olav

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"I am totally impressed by the copper core" - Jens Rittmeyer
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"I am very enthusiastic about Olav. Great frying and cooking results." - Sebastian Junge
Our Mission

As an independent
startup we revolutionise

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The all-rounder in the kitchen

  • Thick copper core layer in the entire pan body for a controlled and precise frying experience
  • The coating is ceramic reinforced, extremely durable and heat resistant
  • Long-lasting top quality thanks to recoating

A pot for every project

  • Even at low heat, the Olav copper core pot gets hot and makes cooking a breeze
  • Convenient measuring and dosing thanks to the measuring scale in the pot
  • Pouring rim for safe pouring

A wok with a heart of copper

  • Thanks to copper, the smallest temperature changes are immediately passed on to the food being fried
  • The coating is ceramic-reinforced, extremely durable and heat-resistant
  • Optimally suited for all frying methods: Steaming, stewing, roasting and frying

This is why customers love Olav products