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We are 100% independent

We, Christina and Till, the founders of Olav, have invested all our savings in the vision of Olav in 2017. In order to be there only for the customer, we have fought to keep Olav free from all other influences. With our savings and a credit from NRW Bank and Volksbank Köln Bonn, we have built up a small team and are growing slowly, but organically. This way we can invest all our energy where it really matters.

We believe in quality and in cooking tools that last for a lifetime. We are excited to make cooking something special with you. Thank you for being part of Olav's journey.

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The founders Christina Neworal and Till von Buttlar

Christina Neworal and Till von Buttlar, the founders of Olav

Olav's journey

The beginning

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    Nov - Jan 2018

    Olav's Lab

    We ordered the world's best pans and tested them for heat distribution, capacity, coating and heating time. We quickly realised that pans with a copper component gave the best results. The idea for our 5-layer material was born.

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    Feb - Jun 2018

    New York

    We wanted the best of the best! We quickly found Primestudio and were able to convince them of our concept. This is how the design of the Olav pan came about: timelessly beautiful, minimalistic and still special in the product language.

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    Jul - Dec 2018


    As much copper as possible, stable, light and suitable for everyday use - these were our requirements. The feedback from 250 people. A real challenge, because copper itself is a sensitive material. Eight months of raw material development and many tests followed.

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    Jan - Jul 2019

    Final product

    The result of all of our work: our Olav pan, which convinces with its copper core, unique design and makes special cooking moments possible.

Our heroes

Every single person in our small start-up is indispensable and gives Olav his own personal stamp.

Olav employee Max