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Crispy roasted fish

18.07.2021 Katharina, PR, Press & Collaborations

Fish fillet fried in coated Olav pan

A tender fish fillet is a great dish that is super quick to prepare. It's perfect for a warm summer evening with a cool glass of white wine.

We have given you a brief summary of the most important tips to ensure that your fish fillet remains a tender treat and you don't have to fret about a torn, dry piece of fish.

Tip: Go for local fish from freshwater sources more often! Fine taste with a crispy crust.

The right fish

Which fish you fry is, of course, entirely up to you. Monkfish, cod and gilthead seabream taste wonderfully crispy when fried. However, the local freshwater fish are not to be underestimated either, a char fillet has a very fine taste and is also wonderfully suited to be fried with our method.

For this recipe, we have decided to fry the fillet on the skin side. Make sure the skin side is already descaled and carefully remove the bones with tweezers.

Into the pan

Many people like to dust the skin side with flour to prevent the fish from sticking to the pan. The Olav coated copper core pan has a great non-stick effect so there is no need to flour the skin side beforehand. If you prefer a crispy effect with the Olav copper pan without coating, then carefully dust the skin side with flour before frying.

Fish fillet in the Olavson pan

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    Salt your fish fillet before frying.

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    Heat the pan

    Put a little vegetable oil in your pan and heat it slowly at medium temperature.

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    Cook the fish

    Place your fish fillet with the skin side in the pan. With fish, it is relatively easy to recognise the cooking point because the fish fillet takes on a light white colour. Personally, we also like to enjoy fish slightly glazed.

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    Turn over the fish

    When the fish fillet has reached the perfect cooking point for you, carefully turn the fillet over onto the meat side. After a few seconds, you can serve it.

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    optional: perfume the fish

    We like to perfume our fish fillet with a small piece of cold butter and a little tarragon. Of course, this is a matter of taste, but it gives the dish that little bit extra!

Fresh fish can also be eaten glazed and fried.

The side dishes

You can combine a crispy fish fillet with a wide variety of side dishes. Small potatoes tossed in butter and a green salad make the dish perfect in a classic way. But the fish also tastes great with fresh saffron tagliatelle, crunchy vegetables or simply on a summery bed of salad with a lemon vinaigrette.

Let your creativity run wild and we wish you bon appétit!

Fried fish fillet in Olav pan