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Food Stylist & Food Photographer

Ben Donath

After twenty years in the culinary business, the essence for Ben is simple: "Food is essential to life, so make it good". That is his credo. His photographic know-how and enthusiasm for good food are reflected in his recipes and minimalist food photos.

Professional chef Claus Barth
Professional chef Claus Barth

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    Insights into Ben's life

    Ben Donath, born in Potsdam in 1980, started his training at the age of 16 with the aim of becoming a patissier. He quickly discovered his love for this profession and the processing of food. Over the years, he has travelled a lot professionally and worked in various star restaurants and luxury hotels.

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    Bens kitchen

    Ben sees the respectful treatment of food and foodstuffs as a resource that cannot be taken for granted and is exhaustible as his task. To transport this responsibility into contemporary nutrition and to pass it on in expressive images is his calling.

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    Why Ben?

    Ben truly appreciates Olav's copper core:

    "The Olav pans are not only incredibly aesthetically beautiful, but thanks to the copper core, they are also incredibly high-quality kitchen helpers."

Olav x Ben

We at Olav are very proud to cooperate with Ben Donath. By combining his expertise as a chef patissier, his years of experience and both of our passion for fine products and good food, we can achieve great things together!

Bread in coated Olav pan