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Power woman & top gastronome

Haya Molcho

Haya Molcho, a restaurateur with Israeli roots, is taking Europe by storm.
She relies entirely on the unique quality of Olav.

Professional chef Haya Molcho
Professional chef Haya Molcho

Who is Haya Molcho?

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    Insight into Haya's life

    Haya was born in Tel Aviv in 1955. Although she has moved many times during her life, the sophisticated national cuisine of her home country will always remain rooted in her. At the age of nine, Haya moved with her parents to Bremen, where she studied psychology after graduating from high school. In 1973 she met Samy Molcho, public figure, scientist, author and specialist in body language and mime.

    Haya and Samy Molcho settled in Vienna and got four sons.

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    Hayas Travel

    In the early years of their relationship, the couple travelled around the world, which gave Haya the opportunity to immerse herself in different food cultures. Today she says that the impressions and encounters in Asia, Africa and South America during those years set the foundation for her passion for flavours, ingredients and ways of preparing food.

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    Why Haya?

    Haya Molcho is convinced. She knows that when it comes to cooking in the kitchen, it's not only the cook's skills and the right ingredients that count, but also high-quality tools. That's why she attaches importance to a pan that heats up quickly and evenly. She definitely chooses copper as the material because it allows for optimal heat distribution.

Olav x Haya

We at Olav are incredibly happy that it came to a cooperation with an inspiring personality like Haya Molcho. Haya and Olav value humanity, cosmopolitanism and creative cuisine.

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Olav Pan in use

"I am so impressed with these pans"

"I am so impressed with these pans"

Haya Molcho

Haya Molcho
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