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Jens Rittmeyer

"Sauce god" Jens Rittmeyer has committed himself entirely to the Nordic cuisine. With Olav, he succeeds in the loving and detailed preparation of his artful dishes.

Chef Jens Rittmeyer
Profikoch Jens Rittmeyer
Who is Jens Rittmeyer?

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    Insights into Jens' life

    On his way of becoming a professional chef, Jens first learned in various restaurants in Baden-Baden. Afterwards, he worked in Michelin-starred restaurants such as the Victorian and the Schlosshotel Lerbach in the Rhineland. Finally, he spent seven years in Portugal. This sunny time was very formative for him, as he realised, among other things, the value of using fresh seasonal ingredients.

    Eventually, Jens decided to open his own restaurant. Today he runs the cosmopolitan Restaurant N° 4 in Buxtehude. The sea's closeness reflects Jens' preference for processing fresh fish and shellfish. Jens sees his culinary basis in the connection to Nordic cuisine.

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    Jens' kitchen

    With a lot of finesse and attention to detail, Jens cooks for his international guests at N°4. His unique creations open up unimagined taste horizons. Jens' sauces have become so popular that he recently started offering them for shipment in his own online shop. The products are of course made without flavour enhancers and from 100% natural ingredients. Sauce specialities such as balsamic jus, lemon thyme sauce, mushroom stock, fish stock or carrot anise sauce can be purchased online and ordered directly to your home.

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    Why Jens?

    Like any star chef, Jens knows that successful food is not only about good ingredients and a clever recipe. Only with high-quality cookware can the dishes be prepared with precision and sensitivity.

    "I am totally impressed by the copper core".

Olav x Jens

With our high-quality pans and pots and our new chef's knife, we provide professional chefs like Jens with reliable working tools. But just like the professionals, ambitious hobby chefs can also cook with Olav. Olav and Jens share a dedication to boundless pleasure and a love of detail.

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Olav cooking ware in use