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Restaurant owner and top chef

Kim Wagner

Kim Wagner is setting new trends in top German cuisine at her restaurant Feinheit. Olav's reliable cooking tools help her to get into a positive workflow.

Chef Kim Wagner
Chef Kim Wagner with Olavson pan
Who is Kim Wagner?

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    Insights into Kim's life

    During her school years, Kim worked part-time in a restaurant, where she then completed her training. Her career as a chef took her through the Michelin-starred Rüssels Landhaus in Naurath. Here Kim met her partner, with whom she now successfully runs the Feinheit restaurant in Emmelshausen. On the menu are modern dishes that are happy to combine, for which only fresh products are used. Kim Wagner and her partner Etienne Weber delight their guests with refined individual ideas with French elements.

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    Kims kitchen

    Kim especially loves trying out new products and developing new creations. She attaches great importance to the taste and appearance of the meals.

    As an experienced restaurateur, she knows that poor-quality pans and pots often cause the problem that the heat is not distributed evenly and that sophisticated dishes are not successful as a consequence. For this reason, she loves the direct and absolutely even distribution of heat in our cookware from Olav.

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    Why Kim?

    Kim Wagner started early on with the goal of making people happy through creative work. It quickly became clear to her in what way: even as a little girl, she played cook and stirred the pots of her mother, who was annoyed by it.

Olav x Kim

At Olav, we are happy to have a highly competent and highly likeable partner chef like Kim Wagner.

"Everyone in our team appreciates the lightness of the Olav pan in the hand. Its weight is comfortable and it's incredibly easy to move thanks to the ergonomic handle, which makes sauteing a breeze."

Uncoated Olav Pan in use