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Passionate hobby cook

Mike Hamel

Those who cook with love and passion always have the two most important ingredients in the house. Because the best dishes in the world are not created by the presence of high-quality or exotic ingredients, but by loving care and passionate creativity.

Professional chef Mike Hamel
Coated Olav pan in use
Who is Mike Hamel?

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    Insights into Mike's life

    My name is Mike Hamel and I am a passionate hobby cook. Men like me don't spend the weekend in the garage, but in the kitchen, because we share one passion: cooking. We invest a lot of money in good food and professional kitchen equipment, have shelves full of cookbooks, like to prepare meat and vegetables sous-vide and have endless fun spoiling our family and friends with star-level menus.

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    Mikes kitchen

    Cooking is love. I see myself as a culinary artist and I enjoy painting a colourful canvas of flavours on the palate of my guests. I want to cook for, beguile and pamper the people who are dear to me. I feel at home in pretty much every kitchen in the world and find it exciting to reinterpret old and traditional classics or give them a twist.

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    Why Mike?

    My benchmark is top gastronomy. And like so many men, I don't do things by halves. I also like to stand in the kitchen every evening for a week to prepare the mise en place for an 8-course menu. When we sit at the table with our friends after a convivial evening and I look at the enraptured faces of my guests who scrape every last drop of sauce from the plate, I am completely happy.

Olav x Mike

With our high-quality pans and pots and our new chef's knife, ambitious hobby cooks like Mike have a reliable working tool. Olav and Mike combine a dedication to boundless pleasure and an attention to detail.

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Coated Olav pan in use