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Host, TV chef and author

Mike Süsser

Those who cook with love and passion always have the two most important ingredients in the house. Because the best dishes in the world are not created by the presence of high-quality or exotic ingredients, but by loving care and passionate creativity.

Mike Süsser
Who is Mike Süsser?

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    Insights into Mike's life

    After completing his education, Mike's career has taken him all over the world. Switzerland, the USA and several cruise ships are just a few of the stops. Through his time in 5-star gastronomy, he was able to gain a great level of expertise, which he still benefits from today. He also shares this knowledge with the participants of his cooking courses in the cooking studio "Part of the Crew" where he teaches down-to-earth dishes at top chef level. However, Mike is also best known as a television chef, where he has appeared in numerous formats such as "Die Kochprofis" or "Mein Lokal. Dein Lokal." He was able to teach viewers how to cook at home. Even after 30 years as a top chef, Mike Süsser's enthusiasm for enjoyment, cooking and the communicative nature of the culinary arts remains unbroken.

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    TV chef with a passion

    As a TV chef for successful formats such as "Mein Lokal. Dein Lokal" or "Die Kochprofis", the strengths of the communicative top chef come to the fore. The master of his profession and born entertainer inspires hobby chefs, restaurant owners, colleagues and, of course, his viewers on RTL II, Kabel Eins, SAT.1, Sixx and other channels with new impulses for dishes, recipes and shopping. Above all, however, the focus is on the joy of cooking together, high-quality ingredients and a good time.

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    Mike x Olav

    Like us, Mike is committed to the highest quality in the kitchen and does not want to do without professional cookware in his everyday life. Olav is therefore not only a permanent fixture in his cooking studio, but also a loyal companion at private cooking evenings.

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