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TV chef & top gastronome

Oliver Hoffinger

The well-known TV chef Oliver Hoffinger cooked for 11 years in his cooking show "Koch mit! Oliver" with all of Austria and now shares his knowledge with Olav at our cooking evenings.

Professional chef Oliver Hoffinger
Professional chef Oliver Hoffinger
Who is Oliver Hoffinger?

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    Insights into Oliver's life

    Oliver Hoffinger learned from Meinrad Neunkirchner, Jean-Georges Vongerichten and Wolfgang Puck. He was the youngest sous-chef in Europe to be awarded 3 toques at the restaurant "Vincent" and of course his own restaurant "Kochwerkstatt" was also awarded 2 toques. For 11 years he stood with his cooking show "Koch mit! Oliver", he helped hundreds of thousands of Austrian households with kitchen tips and recipes suitable for everyday use.

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    Oliver's kitchen

    Oliver stands for doable dishes that anyone can cook. The opening sentence of his cookbooks is usually "Recipes are no prisons" and he lives by that. "I'd prefer someone who cooks simply and does it every day than highly complicated and only does it at Christmas." He proves that simple cuisine can nevertheless be exquisite, tasty and a feast for the eyes in his cooking shows, cooking classes and live cooking for Olav.

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    Why Oliver?

    Oliver also creates star-level dishes with his Olav products that are suitable for everyday use. We are happy to be able to work with him because Olav and Oliver share a love of cooking. Together we can bring fine dining into every household.

Olav x Oliver

"Copper tableware is every cook's dream, but difficult to clean and maintain. Olav brings the speed and quality of copper into today's world and therefore into every kitchen. You don't have to be a professional chef to appreciate Olav."

- Oliver Hoffinger about Olav

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