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Vegetarian star chef

Paul Ivić

Paul Ivić is one of the best vegetarian chefs in the world. For us, he is definitely the best starred vegetarian chef in the world. His creations are art and the pleasure of his cuisine is unique. Paul is committed to a sustainable lifestyle and sets new standards in vegetarian cuisine. For this, Olav is at his side.

Professional chef Paul Ivic
Professional chef Paul Ivic
Who is Paul Ivić?

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    Paul's philosophy

    Paul Ivić's philosophy combines traditional values with a modern worldview. The gourmet trusts in traditional knowledge and natural foods. At the same time, as a Michelin-starred chef, he feels committed to creating an awareness of sustainability. He regrets that the origin and creation of many foods is not questioned even in the professional kitchen.

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    Paul's kitchen

    Only four vegetarian restaurants worldwide have received a Michelin star. Paul Ivić is one of them. With the aim of transforming vegetarian food into unique culinary delights, the Austrian works as head chef and general manager of Tian, one of the most renowned restaurants in Vienna.

    The Süddeutsche rightly calls Paul Ivić a "seducer". Because Paul enchants his guests in the starred restaurant Tian anew every time with his imaginative meatless creations.

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    Why Paul?

    The star chef stands for sustainability and a conscious approach to food. We are proud that Paul Ivić has been working with our Olav products since the beginning of our launch and always gives us honest feedback. There is no better chef for vegetarian cuisine in the world than Paul Ivić. His creations, both in the Tian restaurant and in his cookbooks, are true experiences of the senses.

Olav x Paul

Both professionally and privately, Paul is committed to ensuring that everyone is taking responsibility when it comes to cooking - starting with the choice of food. With his fantastic cookbooks, he proves every time anew that meatless cooking is anything but boring.

We are all the more pleased that the Olav Pan now accompanies Paul on his culinary adventures.

professional chef Paul Ivic