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Cook, author and activist

Sophia Hoffmann

She is an activist for plant-based cuisine, environmental protection and sustainability. Her creative vegan recipes impress with regional seasonal cuisine and the extraordinary luminosity of natural ingredients.

Professional chef Sophia Hoffmann
Professional chef Sophia Hoffmann
Who is Sophia Hoffmann?

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    Insights into Sophia's life

    She is an author, activist and cook on the side. Sophia Hoffmann lives in Berlin and is committed to environmental protection, sustainability and feminism. She lives out this enthusiastic aura especially in the kitchen. Sophia is committed to a vegan diet and pays particular attention to the seasonal and regional origins of her food. Her latest cookbook, "Die kleine Hoffmann", is all about intuitive cooking. As a cookbook author, Sophia always tends to combine a current topic with cooking, rather than simply creating new recipes. So she is writing a cookbook about "zero waste cooking", all for the sake of environmental protection.

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    Sophia's kitchen

    Sophia focuses on plant-based cuisine and thus interprets German cooking in a completely new way, as she mainly uses regional products on the cooker. She wants to set new values in the cooking world and cultivates the concept of food appreciation. Waste less, enjoy more!

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    Why Sophia?

    I've been a fan of the Olav pan for quite a while because it has great heat conduction and is long-lasting.

    "I always go for quality over quantity in the kitchen."

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Professional chef Sophia Hoffmann with Olav cookware