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Professionals go for copper

Copper cookware is the first choice of star chefs for a reason. The excellent heat conduction of the metal allows cooking with the highest precision. Copper conducts heat 20 times faster than stainless steel, around 8 times better than cast iron. The Olav pan is made of 40% pure copper.

Close-up copper core uncoated Olav pan

A copper core that you can feel

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Copper transfers heat quickly. So the pan reacts quickly to changes in the heat supply. It gets hot fast and cools down quickly. This is how you bring the finest sauces or fine ingredients just to the point.

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The qualities of copper spread the heat immediately to the edge of the pan. There are no heat spots but delicate food, eggs or pancakes are fried evenly.

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The Olav pan heats up immediately. Especially when preparing many ingredients in parallel, a quick response of the pan to your heat settings is important to harmonise all ingredients.

Ready to fry with copper?

Good food needs good preparation. Copper is the best heat conductor, which is why even the smallest temperature changes are immediately passed on to the food. This means you can control the heat supply precisely and fry evenly without heat spots. You also save a lot of time and energy as your Olav pan heats up right away, even at low temperatures.

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The science behind Olav's 5-layer material

It's simple, your pan is as good as the metal that is used. And it's no secret: copper is the pan material with the best heat conduction and distribution. But to make sure Olav is suitable for everyday use and remains comfortable in weight, we worked for more than 1.5 years with a team of engineers on the perfect 5-layer material. This is how the Olav pan is structured:

Coated Olav pan
Copper core layers

Stainless steel (0.3mm)

Two thin outer layers of stainless steel make the Olav pan a real everyday hero:
The Olav pan stays strong and is easy to clean. In contrast to a pure copper pan, it is induction-safe and can be put in the dishwasher as well as in the oven.

Copper (0,8mm)

Pure copper makes up the core layer (40%) of the entire pan body and ensures perfect heat conduction.

Copper transfers even fine temperature changes to the food without any time delay and guarantees controlled and precise cooking.

Aluminium (0,3mm)

Aluminium is also an excellent heat conductor and light at the same time.

It makes the Olav pan comfortable to handle and, as an intermediate layer, balances out the different heat properties of stainless steel and copper - this is how luxury and functionality come together.

Star chefs rely on the Olav copper pan

Why star chefs appreciate copper pans

IUnlike stainless steel, copper conducts heat 20 times faster (compared to cast iron 8 times) and more effectively. The Olav pan is therefore made of 40% pure copper.

When the temperature is turned up, copper directly absorbs the change and can pass it on to the food without any time delay. These thermally perfect conditions allow it to cook exactly to the point.

The copper core layer distributes the heat energy evenly in all areas of the Olav pan right from the start. The fast and balanced distribution of heat is a great advantage, especially in starred cuisine, where things often have to be done quickly without losing precision.