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These are Olav's production partners

Every single one of our products is designed and developed by ourselves. We research every material ourselves, whether the combination of the 5-layer material of the Olav pan or the steel of the Olav knife. That is why the development of our products often takes well over 2 years.

In order to guarantee high quality cookware, we make sure to produce with the best manufacturers. All our partners are organically grown family businesses with a focus on quality. Here we present them.

Professional grinder from Solingen sharpens Olav knives
Olav's Chef's Knife

Professional grinding company

Professional grinder from Solingen sharpens Olav knives

Olav founder Till checks the Olav knife

 Olav knife being sharpened on high-tech machine

Knife blades in production in Solingen

Knife handle is ground

Machine in Solingen

Detail of the production in Solingen

Professional grindery

The Clauberg family is one of the oldest grinding families in Solingen. Specialising in the finest sharpening techniques, the family-run business has been able to slowly expand since it was founded over 50 years ago through a focus on quality. What makes each Olav knife special is that it is hand-ground by an experienced sharpening expert, making it unique.

Because the powder-metallurgical Elmax steel is extremely hard, high-quality diamond bands must be used to grind the knife blade.

Map with marked position of Solingen

Wood processing

Wood processing and toy manufacturing has a long tradition at our handle manufacturer Rülke since 1887. The Erzgebirge is known for its woodworking and the best masters of their craft work there. For over 1.5 years, the Rülke company worked with Olav to develop the perfect wooden handle for a kitchen knife.

Every single handle is selected by hand and turns your knife into an individual work of art.

Map with marked location Kleinhartmannsdorf
Olav Pan


Laughing employee of Guanhua (producer of Olav pans)

Mould for the production of the Olav pan

Machines at the Guanhua factory (manufacturer of the Olav pan)

Olav pot in production

Machines at the Guanhua factory (manufacturer of the Olav pan)

Family business

Olav has developed a perfect pan. This is where it is made. The family-run business is located on an island just outside Shanghai. The Olav team is regularly on site and has already built a close relationship with the current owner, Thomas Huang. The company was founded by his father over 30 years ago. Guanhua is a model company and holds the BSCI certificate for social compliance, is ISO9001 certified as well as by the Consumer Product Safety Association and the Worldwide Enhancement of Social Quality, which is supported by the federal government, among others. The company also has its own purification and modern air filtration plant.

Map with marked location Chongming island in China

Convince yourself of the quality

To the pan
Founder Till in talks with employees of Guanhua (Olav's producer)