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Our olive wood from the Greek heartland is particularly hard and dense. We take the wood of the olive, which can live up to one thousand years, from olive trees that no longer bear. Each knife handle tells the story of hundreds of years of Mediterranean cuisine and culture.

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Our promise

  • Extreme sharpness and high cut resistance thanks to fine-grained carbide distribution
  • Double serrated edge for extreme sharpness and control over crispy cut products
  • Ideal for right- and left-handed use thanks to the double serrated edge
  • High corrosion resistance due to stainless steel blades
  • Ergonomically shaped wooden handle
  • A real eye-catcher in your kitchen

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Product description

The Olavson bread knife is an essential piece of equipment in your knife drawer. With the wavy and sharp blade, you can masterfully cut through crispy crusts. It's easy to cut bread and crusty rolls with precision. You can also use your new helper for other cutting tasks; the serrated edge will be a loyal companion, especially for robust foods.

The Olavson bread knife is 100% made in Germany and is hand-ground to extreme sharpness in Solingen at the traditional 'Clauberg' company. Olavson's stainless knife steel is known for cutting hard foods with ease. Thanks to the convenient serrated edge, the blade glides easily through hard crusts with little effort. The blade remains stainless and can be made extremely sharp thanks to the unique steel.

More about your handle choice

Our olive wood from the Greek heartland is particularly hard and dense. We take the wood of the olive, which can live up to a thousand years, from olive trees that no longer bear fruit. Each knife handle tells the story and culture of hundreds of years of Mediterranean cuisine.

Product details

  • 12C27M knife steel for a durable serrated edge
  • Hand-ground in a Solingen family business
  • Ground to extreme sharpness with diamond bands
  • 100% Made in Germany (Solingen)
  • Extreme sharpness and high cut resistance
  • Rockwell hardness ~60
  • 20-25 degree cutting angle
  • Incl. certificate of authenticity
  • High corrosion resistance / stainless
  • Blade length: 21,7 cm
  • Ergonomically shaped precious wood handle from Europe
  • Sharpening service for long lasting sharpness

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Stainless knife steel


Hand ground in Solingen

Griff + Feder

Ergonomically shaped handle

Brot Schneiden

Extreme sharpness

Extreme sharpness thanks to diamond bands

  • the unique knife steel is robust, stainless as well as corrosion-resistant and makes Olavson's bread knife a durable companion
  • 20-25 degree cutting angle
  • short, convex grinding for best cutting ability and extreme sharpness

Each handle is unique

  • 100% Made in Germany
  • The woods for the ergonomically shaped handles are crafted in the Erzgebirge region of Germany
  • Only wood from trees whose survival is guaranteed

Long-lasting sharpness

  • Re-sharpened in the traditional company 'Clauberg' in Solingen.
  • Reground to extreme sharpness by hand.
  • Uncomplicated procedure: order, send in, get back sharp
Brotmesser Schleifservice

Craftsmanship from Solingen

Based on the design of the Olavson Chef knife, we have developed the Olavson bread knife with the traditional company Clauberg. Clauberg is one of the oldest sharpening families in Solingen and employs only the most experienced sharpening masters.

Sharpen the unique knife steel by hand to this thin, extreme sharpness. The Olavson Bread Knife is designed with an efficient double serrated edge, allowing you to cut hard crusts with the utmost precision.


This is why customers love Olavson products

Cuts great, fits perfectly in the hand and the handling also impresses me. I've never owned such a good knife.

Johann N.
Chefmesser grill
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The Olavson Professional Chefs

"The Olavson knife is not only very sharp but also lies perfectly in the hand " - Jens Rittmeyer

The Olavson Professional Chefs

"Everyone needs a sharp knife like the Olavson knife - no matter if you are an amateur or a professional chef" - Sebastian Junge
"An extremely sharp knife that is a pleasure to work with every day." - Siegfried Kröpfl

Our mission

With Olavson we want to bring absolute top quality to our kitchens. When we started Olavson, one thing was clear to us. Everything we do starts with you. We develop every product ourselves until the product is perfect for us, our Olavists and all our professional chefs.

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Co Gründer Christina Neworal und Till von Buttlar

Christina Neworal and Till von Buttlar, the founders of Olavson

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