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The wood of the French walnut is considered one of the noblest domestic woods because of its dark, grained wood and has symbolised luxury and beauty for hundreds of years.

Product description

A wooden spoon is an indispensable helper in your kitchen. The classic tool belongs to the absolute basic equipment and you can use it to stir food as well as serve it elegantly. Whether it is for soups, milk, or vegetable pans - the cooking spoon is suitable for everything.

The kitchen gadget is made of fine walnut wood and is a real eye-catcher for you as a cook and for your guests when serving food. Wooden cooking utensils are ideal for working in coated pans because they are gentle with all materials. You can clean them easily with warm water and treat them occasionally with a special oil to keep the wood smooth for a long time.

Product details

  • Length: 30cm
  • Material: walnut wood
  • Not dishwasher safe
  • Heat resistant up to 200 degrees
  • Handmade

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Handmade from fine walnut wood

  • The unique woods fit into your hand wonderfully and help you keep a firm grip when stirring and panning
  • Each kitchen gadget is unique and handmade from the rich walnut tree wood
  • Only wood from trees that are guaranteed to persist

Durable helpers for every project

  • The woods can be cleaned easily by hand
  • Wood is extremely durable and naturally repels bacteria
  • With occasional care using a special care oil, your kitchen gadget will remain resilient for the rest of its life cycle.

Reliable & Versatile

  • Neither too big nor too small - Olavson's cooking spoons and spatulas have the ideal shape, size, and length for just about every dish and every handle
  • The pliable wood makes them gentle on cookware and especially suitable for coated pans
  • The hanging loop lets you hang up the kitchen gadget conveniently

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