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Das Holzpflegeöl


Das Holzpflegeöl


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Olav's high-quality wood care oil is suitable for all knives with wooden handles. This oil is pure macadam nut oil with essential lemon oil from Calabria, Italy with a ratio of 9:1. Made in Germany. The wooden handle does not get brittle through cleaning and retains its beautiful unique texture.


Apply a few drops of oil to a damp cloth and clean the handle in circular movements until the oil is completely absorbed. The wood should then rest overnight so that the oil can be absorbed.


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Olavson Macadamiaöl

For your noble woods

The perfect care for any wood texture.

Organic wood care oil

Behind every beautiful precious wood is high-quality care. Our vision is to care for our valuable woods in a sustainable way so that they can continue to benefit from the beauty of their texture for many years to come.

We have developed our own organic wood care oil for the perfect treatment of our noble woods. The rich Made in Germany care oil consists of 90% macadamia nut oil and 10% lemon oil. The lemon oil provides pleasant freshness.


To preserve the beauty of precious wooden handles, it is sufficient to maintain them twice a year. A few drops of our precious organic oil will keep the handle shiny for 6 months. Simply apply a few drops of oil with a cotton cloth and leave it on overnight. The oil is deposited on the wood like a protective coating and provides special protection against moisture. Clean the handle with a cloth the next morning and it will be as good as new.

Knife care

High-quality tools need to be treated with love. And so does your Olav knife, of course. Care for your Olav knife properly and in return, it will reward you with outstanding sharpness and exceptional performance for a long time. Always clean your knife by hand (never in the dishwasher) and dry it immediately afterward and store your knife carefully and safely.

Olav's noble wood handles

In the careful selection of Olav noble wood handles, we have chosen woods whose continued existence is assured. Because we want to protect the endangered forests and present the noble beauty of our own woods. Every single wooden handle is selected by hand and turns your knife into an individual work of art. Each wooden handle is unique and shows a unique story. Maintain your wooden handle regularly to preserve the beauty of the precious wood. This way you will enjoy your Olav knife for a long time.

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